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    At Trox Tech, we offer monthly and hourly services to keep your systems up and running with our customized preventative…

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    We offer the full suite of computer repair in North Carolina. If something’s broken, or not working correctly, we can…

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Who We Are

“Quality, Punctual Service”

At Trox Tech, we pride ourselves on quality, punctual service. We are not satisfied with the job until the customer is 110% happy with the service. We feel that it is our duty to go above and beyond the standard set by other IT consultants and computer repair technicians. We make it our duty to treat our customers with the respect and duty they deserve.

the Trox Tech Team→

Do you mainly focus on business customers or consumers?

Both! We have several business clients who fall under the umbrella of ‘Managed IT Services’ but home users are still a very important part of our customer base.

Do you do one time visits for businesses?

Of course! If managed IT services isn’t the best route for you, we’re happy to make single service calls to your business as needed. We’ll even do a free consultation.

Is my business too big/small for your service?

Definitely not. We deal with businesses ranging in size from one small business owner/operator to over a hundred employees in multiple locations.

Is there a charge for your pickup/drop-off service?

Absolutely not, as long as you are within the greater Charlotte area. We’re happy to pick your computer up, drop it back off, and perform onsite service as needed.

Do you work on Macs?

Yes. We are fully capable of performing any repair on any Macintosh device, as well as dealing with Mac software.

Keep up to date!

Are you keeping up to date with the latest viruses that are going around the web? Make sure to keep…

IT Solutions Drives Small Business Growth

IT Solutions Create A Competitive Advantage Technology is the key for small businesses to grow in today’s technology-based economy. Over 84%…

Trox Tech fixed some water damage on my computer. The only delay came from parts they had to order, otherwise they were extremely quick and were kind enough to come to my house to drop off the computer. They went about the job very creatively and managed to fix the problems much more cheaply than originally anticipated. Their pricing was more than fair.

Annika W.

Amazing customer service, extremely knowledgable, and prompt service! As a business owner myself my computer is my lifeline and I can 100% count on these guys when I’m in a jam especially last minute!!! I called at 11:38am and by 12:30 a tech was at my business and within 30 mins my “dead” computer was “alive”!!!Thank you Trox Tech for always coming through! Would absolutely recommend them to EVERYONE!!!

Blakeley S.

Finding a good computer repair company is like finding a good auto mechanic…..once you find the good one you stick with then. Trox Tech is that good computer repair shop that I will be sticking! Great service,fair prices,great attitudes, who could ask for more. Trox Tech is here in Matthews and easy to get to. No geeky squads here, just guys who know computers and networks. I highly recommend them!

Dale A.

I found these guys here on Yelp. After a bad experience with Geek Squad I was searching for help with a cracked laptop screen and other computer issues. Due to the cost, I did not get a new screen, but they did disable the touchscreen function so I could at least use my computer effectively. Communication was clear and prompt, and they will even pick up your computer from your house! I will definitely go…

Victoria J.

I had 2 laptops that needed repair (HP pavilion that needed power jack replacement and a Dell that my kid dropped from kitchen counter and had screen display problem).  Folks at Trox were great in fixing both within 24 hrs at a price that I thought was very reasonable. Other repair stores were asking twice the amount to fix with little explanation of what the problem was.  I am very pleased with the service and…

Vijay G.

Called with a dead laptop.  Trox picked up my computer from me near my home and in 1 day it was back in my hands working perfectly.  I highly recommend this business.

Mark B.

I had a totally satisfying experience with Trox Tech last week. My old desk top didn’t fare so well after a thunderstorm and I woke up the next morning unable to connect to the internet. Not a good thing since I work in my office from home. I called Gateway and they referred me to a service which led me on a wild goose chase so-to-speak. After 2 days with them of trying this and…

Mark D.

I had a great experience with Trox a few months ago. A co-worker of mine “dropped” his computer and it stopped working. He was going out of town 2 days later and needed a fast turn around. A quick google search and I called Trox. After a few exchanges, describing to him the problem and him explaining what it most likely was, he arrived at my office to pick up the computer and said he…

Tracy K.

I was upset because I did not know it was appointment only, but brooks completely redeemed himself, helped me fix my computer over the phone for free and said if I had any more troubles he would give me a discount for the inconvenience. Very impressed with troxx tech

Joshua R.

I normally don’t post reviews and I’m new to Yelp*; however, I just had to this time!  My computer had a bad virus or something last night, screen was BLUE…blue screens are “bad”. Anyway, I prayed that it wasn’t something that could not easily be fixed because I have tons of photos and information that I particularly need to save. I searched the web and came up with Trox Tech’s advertisement and read about their…

Julie F.

Great customer service and extremely fast. Made my website for my business did a great job. Also handles all my IT support. Thanks again

Yusuf K.

I called a lot of places before I decided on Trox Tech, but I made the best choice when I called, and picked them. They got my windows 8 computer fixed, and back to me within 3 days, and couldve been even sooner. Brooks gave me the best deal In Charlotte, and fixed my computer perfectly, as well as backing up my files. I will definitely be doing all my computer needs with them. I’m…

Cam M.

Great experience with Trox – Brooks quickly diagnosed the technical issues (faulty RAM) with my laptop and fixed them on the spot for an extremely reasonable fee.  Brooks is very knowledgable, responsive, and easy to work with (not always the case with IT support). I will not hesitate to return to Trox for continued support when necessary. Very, very satisfied. Many, many thanks, Brooks!

Ryan S.

Trox Tech comes highly recommended! Not only is the owner on his game BUT he went out of his way to hand deliver my computer to my home. It’s hard to find honest businessmen these days and he is one!! I can’t say enough about the quality of work and the excellence. If you want to find a trustworthy tech, here you have it. Have used Trox multiple times and am beyond happy!

Sara W.

Trox Tech was a great help to me – Brooks quickly identified the computer problems I was having and then was able to get my computer working really well.  He also helped set up a new computer for me.  He is professional, courteous and extremely capable.  A huge help!

Beth H.

I want to thank Trox Tech for being so professional and johnny on the spot.  I had an issue with the mother board on my computer, and Brook came out and met me the same day that I called him.  He determined the problem, ordered the mother board and had it fixed in a couple of days.  He was reasonably priced, so I had him go ahead and tune my computer up as well.  Now…

Chris S.

I am so thankful for Trox Tech! I am very computer illiterate and I am in need of IT support very often! Trox Tech has met my needs on a very professional level! Very prompt on responding to calls and quickly coming over! My computer problems are always resolved in a timely manner!

Pam V.

Trox Tech is the place to call for computer repair!  My laptop had a virus that made it inoperable.  The first place I called took down my information but never called back.  I then called Trox Tech and Brooks not only said he could fix it, he actually came to my home to pick up the laptop!  Talk about customer service!  He brought it back in just a couple of hours and it works great…

Kathy H.

Are you a college student and interested in becoming an intern for Trox Tech?

If you’re a college student and interested in being an intern for Trox Tech, please contact us at 704.280.2491 !

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