4 '17

Keep up to date!

Are you keeping up to date with the latest viruses that are going around the web? Make sure to keep your virus protection updated and your data backed up. Always better safe than sorry! When files get encrypted they are usually impossible to get back! …

3 '17

IT Solutions Drives Small Business Growth

IT Solutions Create A Competitive Advantage Technology is the key for small businesses to grow in today’s technology-based economy. Over 84% of small businesses claim IT solutions has helped their business grow according to SurePayroll’s Small Business Scorecard (2013). Technology has helped small businesses with nearly every …

3 '17

Cyber security with Firewalls

Does your business have the right network appliances? Do you have a firewall installed? If you took time to think about it, chances are you need one! Call us here at Trox Tech we’ll set you up with state of the art security for your …

3 '17

Business Class Laptops

Have an old dell that just doesn’t run the way it used to? Is your laptop on its 5th year running and needs replacement? Our laptops come with 8GB of RAM and 240GB SSDs, ensuring the best possible experience from your machine. Give us a …

3 '17

Importance of Security Cameras

The Importance of Security Cameras Security cameras (or IP cameras) are essential to the security and safety of your business. It can help with knowing what is happening at all times, from work hours to after hours. Having an camera system to record events can …