Do you mainly focus on business customers or consumers?

Both! We have several business clients who fall under the umbrella of ‘Managed IT Services’ but home users are still a very important part of our customer base.

Do you do one time visits for businesses?

Of course! If managed IT services isn’t the best route for you, we’re happy to make single service calls to your business as needed. We’ll even do a free consultation.

Is my business too big/small for your service?

Definitely not. We deal with businesses ranging in size from one small business owner/operator to over a hundred employees in multiple locations.

Is there a charge for your pickup/drop-off service?

Absolutely not, as long as you are within the greater Charlotte area. We’re happy to pick your computer up, drop it back off, and perform onsite service as needed.

Do you work on Macs?

Yes. We are fully capable of performing any repair on any Macintosh device, as well as dealing with Mac software.