The Trox Tech Team

Brooks Troxler –President / Owner 704-200-9889

As one of the few Charlotte natives still around, I support Charlotte and surrounding cities. In my business I support personal computer repair as well as full suite of services for small and medium businesses.

My background is in information technology. I am a licensed and insured CompTIA A+ certified IT technician. In addition to 13+ years of hands on experience, I have my Bachelors of Information Technology. Over the past decade, I have gained expertise in all Microsoft operating systems and hold several industry recognized certifications, including Apple’s Certified Support Specialist.

With that being said, as the owner and operator of Trox Tech, I also pride myself on providing top notch customer service. I want my customers to be 100% satisfied in their experience with Trox Tech. I believe in going above and beyond and providing a solution for my customers the first time around.

Tyler Webb – Vice President of Operations 704-606-1504

Working with Trox Tech for more than five years as of November 2018 has given me the skill set to tackle many different IT tasks with experience and confidence. I wear many different hats within the company to help our staff succeed on a day-to-day basis.

My main priority has always been to ensure the best experience for the client, no matter what. That is the motivation that drives me daily and keeps me hungry for more interesting and complex challenges.

Chad Nottingham – Low Voltage Tech  704-635-9519

As manager of installations, I have a high standard of expectations so that my work always reflects excellence. After years of working in retail, the importance of excellent customer service is exceedingly important to me. Nothing means more to me than the customer’s happiness with my work, and with the help of my coworkers, I strive to exceed expectations on every job, regardless of whether it is a camera system with no visible cabling, or a mounted TV. I am A+ Certified, and will use all the knowledge I have gained from that process and from working with Brooks and Tyler to solve any problem I run across as quickly as possible.

Conner Gray – Technical Support Supervisor 704-705-5674

Despite the fact that I am not a native Charlottean, I have been here for 20 years, and call it home. Although I am fairly new to the I.T. field of work, I have spent my entire adult career working in customer service; mainly as a manager in several different restaurants. Working with Trox Tech affords me the opportunity to use my previous experience to succeed in making sure each and every person who calls on us for help will be treated with fantastic service and have all of their needs promptly met. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn, grow and work with our team to take care of our clients in the best way possible.

Silmar Flores – Tier 2 Support 704-609-1849

I will always call North Carolina my home, but Mexico is my original “home.” I’ve always been interested in computers, and the I.T. field. In high school, I took programming classes, and computer integration technology classes. From there, I basically taught myself what I needed to know to repair computers, as well as do the “behind the scenes” things, such as data back-ups, hard-drive repairs, and website work. In the time I’ve been at Trox Tech, I’ve also learned how to install camera systems, run cables, and install computers. I am in the process of becoming A+ certified.

I look forward to using my knowledge to help my team, as well as learn new things every day to make sure our customers’ frustrations are taken care of. I’m excited to have been given this opportunity to grow with Trox Tech, and I look forward to helping our customers.

Derick Odom – Low Voltage Technician  704-604-5188

Having worked for companies both small and large, I think I have found a great home here at Trox Tech and I am very excited about starting a new position here.  Having spent almost all of my professional career in and around the I.T. field, I feel like i will be a great addition to the Trox Tech team.

Dustin Sullivan – Office Manager 980-307-0144

I am from the Greater Charlotte Area. I enjoy helping people, and working with technology. As office manager, I enjoy keeping my team organized, motivated, and patient. I am in constant communication with my teammates, and customers. I love learning new things, and meeting new people. I look forward to getting to know our customers, and providing them with excellent customer service.