The Trox Tech Team

Brooks Troxler – Owner

As one of the few Charlotte natives still around, I support Charlotte and surrounding cities. In my business I support personal computer repair as well as full suite of services for small and medium businesses.

My background is in information technology. I am a licensed and insured CompTIA A+ certified IT technician. In addition to 13+ years of hands on experience, I have my Bachelors of Information Technology. Over the past decade, I have gained expertise in all Microsoft operating systems and hold several industry recognized certifications, including Apple’s Certified Support Specialist.

With that being said, as the owner and operator of Trox Tech, I also pride myself on providing top notch customer service. I want my customers to be 100% satisfied in their experience with Trox Tech. I believe in going above and beyond and providing a solution for my customers the first time around.

Tyler Webb – Operating Manager

I have years of experience working on computers both independently and employed by small and large companies alike. I consider myself well-versed in information technology and I feel confident tackling any job head on.

I am very fastidious about the jobs I do and take extra care to make sure every detail is addressed to the smallest minutia that others would miss. I have a high work ethic and make sure that every task I complete is up to the highest standard of professionalism.

Chad Nottingham – Lead Technician

All though I have only recently got in to the Computer repair field I love doing it, and to me that is all that matters. I have been training alongside with Brooks and Tyler and I am ready to start helping the world with its issues. Anything I am not sure of I will make sure I will find out as fast as I possibly can by using my two biggest assets, my coworkers and my eagerness to figure a problem out. I love helping customers and love being able to fix their issues.

Chelsea Bloxson – Executive Assistant

As executive assistant here at Trox Tech it is my goal to use my efficiency and organization skills to help our customers feel valued and appreciated.

I plan to use the skills that I have developed over my professional career to bring an orderly calm to the chaos that working in the field of technology provides our technicians, as well as our clients. I want our customers to feel comfortable and safe calling me when they have an issue, and rest assured that I will do everything within my power to get it solved in a timely manner.

Dakota McDonald – Summer Intern

I am currently a sophomore at Campbell University and my field of study is Trust and Wealth Management. While my major is in finance, I have a desire to learn about computers and find pleasure in working with them.

With my internship at Trox Tech, I want to immerse myself in learning everything that will help me be able to fix issues people may have with their technology and computers. I serve as the Sophomore Class President at Campbell University and am a leader in school and out being involved in many projects and activities. Working with Brooks, Tyler and Chad is a opportunity that will enhance my learning!

One day, I would like to gain my certification and provide more growth to Trox Tech!

Haywood McCree

I was born and raised right here in Charlotte, NC. After high school graduation I moved away to join the U.S. Army. From there, I attended ITT Institute because of my passion and desire to learn more about information technology. I have a strong ability to look at a project and see where I would be most beneficial to the team. I’m laid-back and easygoing, but I also know when to push myself to get the job done. I’m excited to come on board here at Trox Tech and use the skills I’ve acquired so far to be successful not only at my job, but also drive the success of Trox Tech. I look forward to not only help our customers, but also learn more each day.

Andrew Watkins


I will always call North Carolina my home, but Seattle is my original “home”. I grew up around technology thanks to my late Grandfather who ran our family business for over 3 decades. After school, I’d help out at our business and gravitated towards a computer screen every time I was there. My time there had an educational experience you can’t get at college. It’s also where I learned my excellent customer service skills.


Technology is ever-changing, and so is working with Trox Tech. Each day there is always a new challenge to tackle and I am confident in my skills to complete them. I am a huge supporter of small businesses and thoroughly enjoy working with our team.​