Recent tech news, Scammers and Spammers hurting REAL businesses

According to an article on, local businesses such as this one here Trox Tech are being hurt by scammers and spammers. Here’s a small excerpt of that article,

” Millions of fake Google Maps listings hurt real business and consumers.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Google Maps has about 11 million illegitimate local listings and that hundreds of thousands more are created every month. The result of these fake listings is that real businesses get pushed further down the local search results, which adversely affects their ability to reach customers and also makes it more likely unsuspecting users will be targeted by scammers. Though Google announced plans to do more to combat spammers and scammers who take advantage of local listings, the company could ultimately profit from the situation as local businesses buy paid ads instead to recapture search visibility.”

We , as local businesses (yes, that includes employers and employees), have to do our part to combat these fake pages. As a business owner, if you see something fishy it probably is fishy and while Google doesn’t have a hotline you can call for technical support they do have an email that you can utilize to express your frustrations (as one would expect you would be in that instance). I personally have contacted Google numerous times about such a situation. Trox Tech recently moved to a new location (7560 Charlotte Hwy,Fort Mill, SC, 29707) and upon moving the location had already been claimed but it wasn’t by anyone in the company and while it wasn’t easy Trox Tech is back in its rightful hands. Keep on fighting business owners we can’t let the scammers and spammers win out!

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