WARNING! You’re being tricked: Apps are tracking without your permission

The world of apps is prevalent within our culture as smartphones are essential in the world of business and the world of telecommunications but what comes with all the good in our new “techno-social” world is the bad too. There are several popular apps that are collecting and storing user data without encryption or asking for user permission. For those that need that in “turn-key”, or simple phrasing, these apps are stealing information and could be selling your information globally! Apps such as Selfie Camera, Total Cleaner, RAM Master, Emoji Flashlight, and (in my opinion the scariest one) Samsung TV Remote Control(via Peel Technologies, INC). If you have any of those apps delete them as soon as possible!

How can I protect my device?

News like this can be alarming and you may feel as if you’re already too far gone and it’s all over for you but don’t fret there are still things you can do to avoid these type of apps. Anytime an app after install asks for permissions out of the ordinary that is a red flag. If the app is asking for things such as location data, access to phone sensors, and especially personal contact information that’s a big red flag. You can also download an antivirus app that’ll scan your files and apps upon download. Another hot tip would be to watch those reviews and ratings they will not guide you wrong. Make sure you know fake reviews versus real ones and you’ll be golden in that department. You could also review the security policy, terms, and conditions. It’s well known that we as a culture don’t read those extra documents of policies, terms, and conditions so they often hide who they are and what they’re about there. Better to be proactive than reactive (that’s just a good way to live in life but also applies here).


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